Chiloe Chile Alames Assembly

check out there whole new blog it has allot of information.. is a health insurance provider During weight loss the February 15, 2008, was the Assembly of the Latin American Social Medicine Association, which was attended by over center 30 alame a medical Alamenos and chapters from hospital Valparaiso, Santiago, Puerto Montt and Chiloe. Coordinators also attended the Southern Cone of Alamos. This assembly was inserted into what is summer January-February-lamb, which characterizes the traditional celebrations of our Deep Chiloe. The idea clinic was to re-create the spirit alame a amid islands, chicha, curantos and local music, from meeting our spirits, sometimes misled by the daily struggle for the ideals of a social health, collective and trans in the middle contexts often astringent and carminative. This natural is the opportunity it gave to the reorganization of the trench-hearth nutrition where knowledge and experiences accumulated in community mate mate ran and look in look, creating poetry there needed benefits to live and build the future. The kaleuche navigators as well department as the pinkoya, the Trauko, the Fiura, the Camahueto and protected the House of Flying insurance Alamos, which in these parts dental already marked presence in Mingas and Medan. Some photographs can be viewed on the