Cellular Day

the doctor said to us that the best thing was that we took to brandon for the house, that could there happen thus sounds cruel the time that it had left in company of its loved beings, in house already surrounded by the affection of all the family and on the verge of fulfilling the 5 years brandon it lost the fight with the mortal and treacherous disease, the peculiar thing was that neither at its last moments an inseparable moment of its cellular one was taken off nor. day of the burial of brandon my daughter affected enough because it loved brandon like the hermanito that never it had, commented to me that it wanted to put within the coffin the cellular one to him who as much wanted, did not seem to me very good idea, but finally I said to him that was well so that del was the object that brandon did not separate not one moment since the papa #***aed-refl mng itself, I was not able to see brandon, preferred to remain with the image of with its guffaws and its enduring glance, my daughter told me that it smoothly put the cellular one to him between its small hand which next I am going to them to tell that it is going to seem removed to them a film of hitchcock but I assure to them that it is absolutely certain, and the story as told me to it the papa of brandon – exactly to the 2 months of it to have buried, day 22 of February and I decide to me the date so that day brandon turned years of been born, being in excursion in a town serca to valledupar sounded the cellular one to me warning to me that it had a text message that said hello papi already I am more good. I thought that somebody me was doing joke of evil taste, but when I saw the number of cellular del that sent the message I remained cold, was the same number of the cellular one that I had given to him to brandon.. .