Cellular Advance

With the advance of Technologies of video they were if possible to improve of significant form the monitorial calls of computers being given one quality HD or high translated definition the thick way with the advances of this technology the common television sets had been even though perfected an Example of the use of technologies of videos in computers consists of the monitor of used computers you to be visualizing the information that is what the computer wants to show to it. With the advance of the telecommunication technologies one was possible to create computers even though and devices that allow to have access the great world-wide net of computers that was only possible if to create thanks to the advance of the Technologies of Nets that are gifts in the nets of telefonias. Thus creating a universe of technologies and forms of if having access the Internet an example of this and the technology of access the Internet 3G that it joined computer science with telecommunication and it created a differentiated access the mobile broad band. With the significant advance of the technologies you move as Ipads, Iphods, Cellular among others was if possible to create computers that practically fit in its cellular or same in the palm of its hand these technologies they are giving new to a meaning the Internet stops beyond the borders. Good these had basically been the technologies that make possible the advance and the development of the computer as if it knows and it ties nowadays we have these technologies gifts in the technological advance lived in this second decade of century XXI. We conclude thus this our briefing study on the functioning of computers looking for to display to the pupil the diverse Technologies this the diverse processes that are for detrs of a computer and as each one of these processes functions. These contents had been developed on the basis of the courses Computer science without mysteries and Course of Formation of Support Help Technician desk offered by the site vocs case wants to know more regarding these and of other subjects between in the site and confers our courses that we are offering. I wait that they have liked and they tie the next one..