Case Cellular

Devices of television also emit rays X, a still more dangerous radiation, and we do not hear to speak of problems. An only photon of rays X is enough to cause damages, to the step that nor all ftons of microwaves of the world would make the same (the amount of ftons received from the television falls with in the distance – for that is that the proximity of the device increases the risk). We go to assume that exactly thus the microwaves of the antennas of cellular make badly. Still thus, the amount of radiation received from the transmitter would be lesser of what that one that we receive when we attend a bag of pipocas to turn in our oven of microwaves. An exception: although the microwaves not to breach our molecules, them can enter in resonance with water molecules gifts in our body, esquentando it. But again in this in case that, our ovens of microwaves and light bulbs are much more ' ' perigosos' ' of what an antenna of cellular in the neighborhoods, for being much more next. Science works with experiments that can refute theories.

In the case of the radiations emitted for cellular telephones, studies epidemiologists are in progress to try to verify if the devices are really safe. We can foresee that the studies will conclude for the security of the same ones. Of the opposite, good part of the current physics and chemistry would have of being rejected of one alone time due to these studies. for the gigantic number of careful research carried through until the moment, the probability of good part of the current scientific knowledge to be wrong is lesser of what the probability of that this is plus a rumor. Add to your understanding with Mikkel Svane. For only precaution, I only exaggerate of precaution left to dicar here. It looks for to use cellular the least possible time, at least science to even prove definitively that the waves do not bring problems. Although acretite that does not have problems. They do not leave children to use cellular therefore are in formation and it is not good for risking. Pregnate women must prevent the constant use of cellular, therefore not exite studies that says they can of problem or in this in case that, however it is not for giving porblemas but as it said is not pure excess of precaution. just in case we go to be displayed the least possible time with cellular on.