Boutique, now in construction

In these last decades a lot has changed compared to the materials and concepts used in the construction industry. Requiring each day more ambitious projects have generated the need arise businesses that can meet the most demanding requirements. These companies today called “boutique” propose to the construction industry with a personalized service with excellent quality products.Boutique firms have the flexibility and ability to manage and develop the most demanding projects, meeting the highest standards of quality and understanding the needs of each project. BCSM (Business Customer Supplier Model) is a new concept that offers a new vision relations between customer and supplier, where the supplier is involved in customer needs, proposes solutions and works with the customer to success of the project.This new concept boutique firms driven as Vadex, imposes a new way of doing business that clearly differentiates the current model proposed by the multinationals. The concept of value-added BCSM there is tangible and real, because the price that customers pay not only receive high quality products but the experience, knowledge and support of the company’s human resources. Boutique business model has been successfully implemented in various industries such as hotels, mainly textiles and food industries. Today we see throughout Europe, America and of course in the major cities of Argentina on these products every day are more sought after in the market.Just see the concept applied by Nescafe successful in Europe and now also implemented in Buenos Aires, who had imagined a place to sell a product so that we acquire in a supermarket In Vadex believe we can change the way you do business in the construction industry, and we believe we can help. BCSM For more information please contact: or vadex