Boomwhackers BWKG Piece

The Boomwhacker tubes made of plastic generate different sounding tones on different substrates. Boomwhackers are percussion plastic tubes which are tonally matched there are different sets of scales available. Different sounding tones resulting by striking on different surfaces (wall, floor, furniture, etc.). Plastic caps deeper tuning the tubes to octave. David Treadwell spoke with conviction. There are countless ways to play. Whether solo or in a group.

The Boomwhacker tubes are manufactured from a very durable plastic. This guarantees a long service life even harder use. Boomwhackers are ideal to combine music and movement. Transferring Bodypercussion patterns on Boomwhackers, fast whole pieces arrange to live. In dances, the Boomwhacker tubes can be both choreographed as also sound efficiently and effectively. Kindergarten children can construct E.g. Boomwhacker ball lanes. Adults and children can use Twelve tone series work. Boomwhackers are suitable to the accompaniment of the song as well as promoting awareness. The low requirements through the material provide a meaningful work in a variety of contexts.