To date, more fame becomes a so-called replacement fuel suitable for heating boilers. Alternative fuel pellets has a name, it is pellets of various raw materials, most often from timber materials and peat. Pellet boilers are economical due to several important features. It is not in any village has a central gas system, and if so, what pressure it is too little to ensure the good work gas-fired boiler, or the cost of tapping into the gas pipe is too big. Pellets are an inexpensive raw material, as produced from wood waste, which accrue to producers for meager Cost of a sawmill. However, this technology is not new.

In Europe, more than a year using all possible alternative fuels, due to lack of natural gas. If you look at history, people all over the world heated their homes with their own tree. Be a small house or a huge palace. The evolution of pellet boilers and started from the centers, and stoves. Pellet is malknkaya pellet from sawdust that is compressed under very high pressure. Sizes of granules are: length – 2 to 5 inches in diameter – from 4-10 mm.

Pellet heating units have a slightly different design compared to gas and other boilers. The boiler consists of a special bunker, which put the pellets, and guns. Boilers for gas and oil boilers offer high efficiency, approximately 85 to one hundred percent, in this connection the question arises whether the pellet plant is able to compete for power with gas and oil. Of course able, it has exactly the power. It (the power) pellet boiler under the same conditions will depend on the combustion technology of fuel pellets. This determines how the burner is installed in the boiler. Generally inserted into the boilers gorelkitak called bulk type, shape like a cylinder made of a certain type of steel for high temperatures, which are present vtopke. After the pellet fall into a special boiler mechanism, they need to ignite. To this end, use a special heat blower, which feeds the flow of air heated to ignite pellets. During firing the boiler consumes comes from the mains about 1.2 kW of energy, in operation the boiler uses approximately 0.1 to 0.3 kW. Such a method is automatic. There is also a manual method and used in the cheapest kettles. In the cylinder is filled with grains of pellet fluid for ignition and burning matches. After firing pellets, is fed directly to the flow of air into the interior of grains, which contributed to the strongest burning boiler so goes to normal, bringing the temperature to Nations Millennium 1200 degrees Celsius. Then the air is blocked intended for the valve, causing the unit starts to heat the building, due to a huge number of practically glowing pellets temperature in the furnace can hold 10-12 hours.