After this Cabir scan for available devices that use the data transmission technology Bluetooth, picks up the first of them, and sends him a copy. But since not all versed in programming for Symbian os is so thin, to create their own virus, it soon appeared modification already known to us the worm. Like the first version of Cabir, the new version of the worm spread in a special file that is recognized by the system as a tool of safety management. Once the infected file is launched, the screen appears the word Caribe, and the worm modifies the operating system to automatically run itself every time the phone. An infected phone searches other vulnerable phones through Bluetooth-connection, and after a successful search sends them a file velasco.sis, containing the worm. Although the virus does not destroy data stored in the phone, it locks already installed bluetooth-connection and reduces the battery life of the battery because of the constantly switched module Bluetooth. Both new versions of the virus changed so that the rapidly spreading to new devices. But Cabir seem just child's play compared to the more terrible monsters that appeared a couple of months later.

Next on the list is a Trojan horse Skulls, which is disguised as a program manager in order for phones Nokia. Upon infection, the phone are violated all references to system applications Symbian, and will themselves become a sinister form of skulls. The virus does not affect third-party applications, so if the device has installed a file manager from any other manufacturer, it help find and neutralize the malware.