Blackheads – Proper And Gentle Removal

Blackheads (comedones) are not only at the stage of puberty, a bugbear, but for many men and women at any age. Those affected often experience this as very unpleasant, since small, pus-filled pimples on the face, Dekolletebereich, back and upper arms and legs occur. Quick help is worth gold. But how do you remove a blackhead properly and skin How does a blackhead Basically, two types of comedones, – distinguished the “White Head” and “Black Head“. The Whitehead is seen as a closed white nodules, the Black Head is a dark-colored, open blackheads. The dark color is based on a chemical reaction with atmospheric oxygen. The color of the blackhead has nothing to do with hygiene habits, the dark color is caused by exposure to light and bacteria. Comedones are formed when clogged with increased sebum production of the duct of the sebaceous gland is. The hair canal is closed off by particles, which producedTallow is no longer reaches the surface of the skin. Inside the sebaceous glands are epidermal cysts, which are responsible for the removal of the tallow. These are now being compressed by the mass of tallow and visibly harden. The glands are clogged corridor – the resulting plug of corneocytes and sebum is called a blackhead. On the right distance it comes to Avoid to create his own configuration. By squeezing and pressing is usually only everything worse. The tallow is pressed into deeper layers of skin and bacteria are spread by improper treatment of blackheads. The inflammation still moves deeper into the tissue and can spread to other parts of the skin. The treatment at a beauty here is in principle the best solution. In the beauty salon using the skin cleansing and steam is prepared, then it is the blackheads professionally in the neck. On the right, and careful removal of the little troublemakers that matters to get rid of them for a while. How does the”Do it yourself” method If you want to remove and can not leave in an emergency times even a blackhead or pimple, you are based on the approach in a professional beauty salon. Prepare your face with a warm compress before the procedure. Dip a towel in warm water, put this on the face and let the warm humidity affect at least 10 minutes. In this first step will be spiked softened. Disinfect the blackheads and then his hands with a disinfectant or after-shave. Now the blackheads on the series. Never reach in with his bare hands, but you wrap your fingers with a clean paper towel. Put the fingers closely as possible on the pick and pull apart the skin. When the sebum is leaking somewhere, press too delicate. Has not brought the hoped-for success, the blackheads not mature enough and should not be removed with gentle force. Finally, a further disinfection is important, so that in the treated area does notCan implant seeds.