Biography and Thought

THE LIFE OF Rabin is commemorated THE CATHEDRAL OF BUENOS AIRES, counted AMIGOSUYO is the student of Rav Brandwein … A Rabbi Leon KlenickiLa Commission on Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, whose responsibility is the priest Fernando Giannetti, reported that on Monday 9 February at 19, with the participation of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ, in the Metropolitan Cathedral will be a celebration in thanksgiving for the life and work of Rabbi Leon Klenicki, who died recently. His paternal grandfather was a authored many books on the Zohar that are available on priest and professor of religion, her father, Sergei Mikhailovich (1820-1897) was professor of history at Moscow University and author of a monumental “History of Russia from the darkest celebrities antigua ” in 29 volumes. The mother, Polixena (Romanova was her maiden name), came from a Ukrainian family, and was related to the philosopher S. Grigor Skovoroda. On the maternal side, the family also had Polish ancestry. Vladimir was the fourth child of twelve who had their parents Berg (only eight survive). The early years of this thinker, as his youth, spent mostly in Moscow and in the family finances Pokrovskoe near the capital. With only nine years and had his first lessons vision of a woman “awash in blue gold”. Later on it to recognize the divine books on the Kabbalah wisdom, the Sophia.
1864 is the fifth in Moscow Institute of Humanist, which Zohar performs its first studies. During some years, between 13 and 18, passing through a profound religious crisis, what about a certain kind of nihilistic atheism.
Brilliantly surpassed the test of maturity, in 1869 he entered the university. Begins studies at the Faculty of History and Philology, going after a while on the faculty of physics lectures and mathematics, and finally back to the humanities, which was what most interested him. Among their first readings emphasize philosophical Plato and Spinoza, Kant as well, Kuno Fischer, Hegel, Feuerbach and Eduard von Hartmann. Gradually, too, is produced during these years the evolution of Madonnna religion that will take you back to Christianity, although initially very mixed with mystical and esoteric speculation (see also during these years and among others, the works of Bohm, Leibniz, Swedenborg and the first German Romanticism).
In 1873 he starts working on his dissertation master, “the crisis of western philosophy. Against positivistas “which was published in 1874. During that same academic year also attend the lessons of the Ecclesiastical Academy, which began in the knowledge of the patristic and Orthodox theology in general, in Neoplatonism and the philosophy of Schelling. In Saint Petersburg tikkun in defense of that dissertation master, win support from conservative circles Slavophiles and rejection of Western liberal circles. Please login below as a teacher at the University of Moscow. At this time also began his poetic production, which lasted until his death.
In 1875, Soloviev improve the world undertaken a study tour that growth will take Amazon books you through Warsaw and Berlin, to London and, from here to Cairo, then in 1876, go to Sorrento (Italy), where write dialogue Esoterica Sophia. After a brief haSulam