Betrayal And Forgiveness

I’m going to start sharing the collective definition of betrayal and forgiveness, to start from a common general idea. The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy says that treason is a crime that is committed to breaking the fidelity or loyalty that must save or have. He also said: shamefully, disrespecting the loyalty or trust; with deception or caution. Regarding forgiveness said it was a deserved penalty, the offense received referral or any debt or outstanding obligation. In addition, regards forgiveness as the remission of sins.

My interpretation of these concepts, at this moment, is as follows: betrayal: is a belief that presupposes a dishonest and unfair act driven by ignorance, envy, wrath, greed, insecurity and fear, which causes deep wounds and that destroys, generally, confidence in relationships. Forgiveness: it is an act of detachment at the cellular level. Thus, liberates individual internal energy chains, and those that connect us with other human beings. Especially, if there are pending situations, between one or more persons, born destructive or lower emotions of human potential. It is the key that unlocks the door of the resolution of karma. Knowledge at the cellular level: this idea reflects the difference between thinking about a principle or be that principle. From this perspective, the knowledge at the cellular level, is a process which moves thinking about forgiveness to be and to vibrate the forgiveness. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The concepts are lost because the facts are simply. If we look at the process that arises when we experience a betrayal, of any kind, you will notice, at most, a very deep pain that shakes the ground on which we walk. That pain is even deeper if the betrayal comes of a loved one, a friend of life or the couple. In the midst of this process, and when the concept or personal belief of betrayal is related to disloyalty or dishonesty, is naturally lost an important value that allows us to relax and enjoy life with greater joy.