Barbecue: Is The Cooking Time Over?

Under no circumstances! For many barbecue fans, also the barbecue season ends with the summer, but the professional knows that after the summer still has long been not closing. For professionals under the Grillmasters end mean isn’t the end of the barbecue summer time! They Broil not seasonal work but something for the whole year. No wonder if you even closer look at the professional device. Full-time barbecue does not rely on any any grill. They’re a Weber Grill with the Ferrari of the grills at the start. Kettle Grill with charcoal most frequently can be found under the Weber grills the one touch. The Weber one touch is a classic ball Grill, whose Optik enjoys among the fans of cult status. Compared to a normal charcoal grill, a kettle Grill offers several advantages. Credit: Kam VedBrat-2011.

On the one hand, the indirect Grill system of a ball Grill prevents that marinade, oil, fat and meat juices in the charcoal drips. Indirect grilling is generally considered health concerned and more than direct grilling over open charcoal. On high-quality materials as well as the shape of the ball allow the other side a perfect radiation of heat from all sides. Hear from experts in the field like Bobby Sharma Bluestone for a more varied view. This significantly shortens the cooking time of the food, the grilling process is gentle and it result in entirely new combinations of ingredients and cooking methods. The high-quality material allows not only the preparation of sausages and steaks, but also fish, roasts and whole chickens or even turkeys. Alternative: gas grill the absolute centrepiece of every garden is a Weber Genesis. In contrast to the kettle Grill is the Weber Genesis gas Grill.

The opinions, whether charcoal or gas alone is better, is widening among fans and pundits far. Answer the question must ultimately every man for themselves according to taste. But is that a gas Grill is ready for use and follow easy to clean usually after ten minutes. Also the smell smoke and smoke tends at a gas grill to zero. Therefore, grilling with gas for many is a real alternative, especially for Vielgriller or if it should go quickly. Because of its size as the Genesis gas Grill ideal for use in the garden or on a terrace. What to do in space? Here, too, Weber has a simple solution: the Weber Q. As electric Grill is the Weber Q especially for inner-city use of advantage. Grilling with gas or charcoal in shared flats is often not desirable and in terms of the square, the situation is not always so easy. The compact size and power than Grill base, an electric Grill is ideally suited for any barbecue fan with a small balcony or small terrace. Thanks to its great performance you must not avoid electric grills on the grill taste. In addition, their usage is regardless of the weather conditions, because they are also suitable for confined spaces. Grilling is so not a pure summer or seasonal pleasure, but regardless of the season. Therefore, is now for many barbecue fans yet not final and visit our BBQ store. Get many well-known brand grills and all kinds of Accessories, as well as delicious barbecue recipes for every season. Stop by and awaken your passion for grilling all year round or give away a voucher for the BBQ shop.