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Addresses various aspects of habitat: since the exhaustive examination of the ground to build up with a Geobiologico study, until the correct choice of materials for the construction.There are materials which may be radioactive, as certain types of granite and the concrete, or emanating toxic gases (phenolics, formaldehyde, benzene and others), as the majority of paints, varnishes, and sinnteticos materials. Asbestos is an example of insulating material, proven carcinogenic effects, already banned in many countries. other materials filtered natural radiation that are necessary for our good health. Always replacement materials which are not so contaminants can be found. In Spain, the Association of studies geo GEA, was born with the aim of combining efforts and activities individually were undertaken throughout the national territory, by promoting and facilitating the study of these new sciences in this country as well as the rest related materials related to them: biology, physics, geology, architecture, environment, etc. Alternative energies nobody is alien to the current energy crisis facing our civilization, and the effects that has an inconsiderate management of natural resources on our planet.

That is why it is essential to rely on sources of eneergia renewable and clean, that is friendly for the environment and healthy for human beings. Time is short, and there’s always a way to walk with many intermediate stations between reality and utopia. The choice depends on each of us. Now you can implement a series of lighting and heating systems that encompass the bioclimatic, solar thermal, photovoltaics, you wind eneergia, the hydro and others, in process of development and implementation.-electromagnetic pollution the electromagnetic fields generated by high and medium voltage lines as well as the antennas of radio stations and cellular telephony, can affect human health, unbalancing the nervous systems, endocrine and immune. International reports show that above certain values of electric and magnetic field increases the likelihood of certain types of cancer.