Higher grade

… KOSHA’s pranamaya, which governs the area between the larynx and upper … Its function is the removal of wastes from the body. Samana …
At the workout higher level issues are addressed by the suggestion stomach muscles to reach solutions, or at least mitigate them. For many purposes the lower level abs exercises are sufficient, but the degree is higher in the deeper self-knowledge and character development.
Description of the exercises:
1. Experience with color lead the eye to the center of the forehead and draw up a color in the imagination.
2. Imagine concrete objects: a lit candle, a rose, and so on.
3. Shaping abstract values: hope, love, anger, etc..
4. Exercises to shape the character and deepen the knowledge of oneself: Ask “Who soy’ method or I should hacer’ ” and use formulas to autosuggestion “I acepto crunchless abs , I exercise program mismo my safety. “
5. Imagine being at the bottom of the sea.
6. Imagine that rises to the top of a mountain.
7. Imagine oneself certain purposes.
The highest grade one can practice it, although its combination with a psychotherapeutic method can shorten the treatment time enough.
The requirement to perform the exercises of the highest grade is the mastery of lower grade. This higher level of autogenic training used for self-knowledge. Analysis is comparable to deep psychotherapy, even without the help of a therapist.
At this level are muscles experienced lucid exercise video dreams with memories clear and permanent post, not like most of the dreams, which are usually forgotten within minutes. After the usual introductory exercises sleep, heaviness, warmth, breathing, heart and abdomen, is the stage of deep meditation abdomen ‘hypnotic trance’, and work continues with the following formula: “In my imagination I see a color” . And from that develops a color vision.
This vision is fueled by three sources: first, the image that we chose before starting the exercise (sea, mountains, individual, etc.). Secondly, the transformation the method of this image in the subconscious, and thirdly The transformation that comes from voluntary active conscience. These three sources fitness are mixed in different quantity and quality in each case. I have tried it out, and I must say that my stomach muscles love the and the way it helps you plan your diet and your life Then see the lucid dream, which can be recalled after the full withdrawal. This can serve by itself to solve the problem or as a basis for therapy sessions. The most appropriate time for these sessions is approximately 15 minutes. there have been fewer more innovative fitness programs than ‘s for the perfect workout … integer starting from the upper chest to the abdomen, so that … clear and sharp, and is a radiation around the body and head. …
Objective: To relax and invigorate the entire body. Position of the embryo … Delfin strengthens the upper flab body in preparation for the strike on the head. …
… Iron is in a position to strengthen the central part of the body. … position develops strength of the upper eating plan and central parts of the body, so …

Stamina Pilates Upper Body Workout Series DVD by Stamina (Jan 3, 2006)