Another successful ruling, this time Salta (IPSS)

condemn the IPS to bear the cost of assisted fertility treatment Judge Correctional and Eighth Guarantee Nomination, Monica Faber, has granted an amparo action against the Provincial Institute of Health of Salta, sentencing him to take over the payment of an in vitro fertilization treatment already done. However, the decision is not yet firm and was appealed by the attorney for the social work case with federal reserve. The infertility as a disease, is not included in the Mandatory Health Program, ignoring “the discretion of the under-directives together representatives of World Health Organization according to which infertility is a disease. This despite the fact that women were found to have polycystic ovary syndrome. Before presenting the defense, the couple appealed administratively by the provincial social work, having even appealed for reconsideration. Given this situation, the couple has sought a personal loan to meet the costs of the practice, requiring the appeal will succeed in reintegrating the costs incurred and comprehensive coverage of pregnancy and after childbirth, including the neonatal service. The BPI, through its attorney, confirmed to meet the demand that social work is not required to cover IVF product sterility of women because this is not a disease and is not included in Compulsory Health Plan, as the practice is not nomenclature. The judge in his ruling held that exhaustion of administrative remedies covered previously reaching the resource hierarchy.

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Mental Retardation: Determining Eligibility for Social Security Benefits by Daniel J. Reschly, Tracy G. Myers, and Christine R. Hartel (Paperback – Jul 12, 2002)