10 Reasons Why You Should Publish Articles

Publishing articles is an easy and effective way to make money online with your business and you might even make money without having a business today. When you publish articles in either your blog, other people’s blog, article directories is what happens: 1 .- They see you as an expert .- This makes people trust you and are more receptive to buy your products or those recommended. Byron Trott takes a slightly different approach. 2 .- Improve your ranking in search engines .- Look for keywords that you include in your articles and are relavenat with the theme of your article, so if you can write an article with keywords located in a natural way, it will be well seen by Google. 3 .- attract visitors to your web site .- The content is King, written, relevant content will generate visitors. 4 .- naturally create links pointing to your website .- Post your articles in directories, forums, sites, and include your signature. 5 .- If you publish your articles in the directories above can generate free traffic to your blog or Business website 6 .- Generate traffic to affiliate programs you promote .- Do not forget to use your affiliate link in your article.

7 .- Other publishers of blogs and electronic newsletters will be interested in publishing your articles .- In this way you would be generating traffic to your website or blog. 8 .- Add Adsense advertising .- In this way you make money with every click to make readers about the Adsense ads. 9 .- You can convert your video-articles written articles .- ls and upload them to different video platforms like YouTube, Google Video, etc. this way you can transform your marketing videos video articles on Articles 10 .- Create your own report or e-book .- And so you can make money selling them from your website and also sell the resale rights.