WordPress platform is not focused on pure blogs and is constantly expanding its functionality and with each update includes new features being added flexibility. Modern WordPress can be anything you want thanks to the great number of plug-ins created for it. Very popular plugins through which a website based on WordPress has an opportunity to be used for electronic commerce. Below is an overview of plug-ins for creating online store based on WordPress blog with maximum flexibility. They include everything necessary for conducting e-business tools, and provides a panel for site administration. We chose most plug-ins that make WordPress site administrators can get the functionality necessary to achieve online sales.

All of them provide a full-featured and easy to store integrated into the cms. These plugins make it easy to configure and manage the store. To make the blog appear as desired recommend that you use professional templates WordPress from TemplateMonster. yak free plugin for sale of products referred to in the post. He turns the pages of id in id products, and amend the post in the product description. yak can handle products of different categories and provides customizable sales process. Samsung is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Payment possible by the following methods: check, a standard form for credit, deposit, integration with PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net. yak supports order management, the products are available for download, different types of products, sales reports, promotions and ssl. For simple plug-in provides a 3 screen: mapping and registration of orders for product management and basic sales reports. wp e-Commerce is a free, full-featured plug-in shop for WordPress. Plug-in provides all the store necessary capabilities and provides an opportunity to make a purchase with a reboot of a single page. This greatly facilitates the purchase of items such as mp3, electronic books, clothing and much more. Among the additional functions, support for ssl, a set of payment processing options, including PayPal, Google Checkout and manual processing of payments and additional merchandazingovye opportunities. Extended shopping include the ability to scroll through the goods and module is responsible for shipping. wp Auctions is a free innovative eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It's designed to handle the auction on your site or blog. wp Auctions is able to create an unlimited number of simultaneous auctions, opportunity to trade under the scheme 'Buy It Now', upload multiple images for each auction. You can customize the display of advertisements at the end of auctions. There is an rss feed for all updates. Receiving payment possibly through PayPal. There is an additional service wp Auctions Live at registration where you can get more traffic to your website.