Windows Mobile

Sportics.NET – optimize your sports – applications for mobile devices for the real time transmission of route and performance data. You know that so far mainly from the formula 1 all data from the race car are transferred to the box, where evaluated and analyzed, adapted the strategy may or the driver just motivated. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. Something like this is now also the sportics real time telemetry in the grassroots. Only that the data from the car coming, but by the athletes for several months SRT (sportics real time telemetry) is for appels iPhone 3 G and Nokia and Windows Mobile in the field test. Now Sportics.NET was transferred from training and competitions on the popular grassroots platform countless routes and performance data directly in the athlete’s sports diary. Other sports enthusiasts were able to and they can live here, send them even during the sports news. And the athletes themselves can evaluate their data behind all alone. On Sunday, March 1, half marathon start at the Lufthansa in Frankfurt again athletes with SRT enabled devices. Some with their own iPhone 3 G, others are the sportics team thus equipped. The positioning and performance data are to then on Sportics.NET at live tracking for more track information: livetracking