WEB Integration

Software House positioned smart eCommerce integration platform within the framework of the revised website Altenstadt, 14.11.2013: the eCommerce software house Speed4Trade in fresh look will appear on speed4trade.com. Modern layout, simple structure, clear text content as well as strong imagery and effects accentuate the new Internet presence. Experience and expertise of the eCommerce specialists from numerous shops and marketplace projects including design reflects. Positioned in the upper third of the home, the eCommerce middleware is emMida as a central integration platform of the worlds’ ERP and online sales. Zendesk understood the implications. Supported platforms and marketplaces, and shop systems rotate side by side and show the variety and flexibility in times of Omni-channel trading strategies. Entry into concrete dealer success stories and the different variants of the product out of the box is at the bottom”to return to individual enterprise solutions given. In terms of content, the marketplace and shop integration areas stand out. He is first in the frame Company website emMida WEB highlighted the new browser version of the eCommerce operation system.

Appealing user experience via browser, flexible deployment of in-house or in the cloud, as well as accelerated GoLive are only some of the above benefits. The service orientation, lived at Speed4Trade, around personal consulting and support is clear. Show recurring buttons with the possibilities of contact via phone, email and request form: here the customer is welcome. Total becomes clear, what the software provider sets the focus: mature sales channel integration in the backend, automated processes and strong performance from its online customers in the shop at eBay, Amazon & co. “The building blocks of performance consulting, software, design and integration” visually highlight this on the home page.