Unique Investment Opportunity For Fans Of Technology

Auction around the domains APPS.net and TECH.de Oberschleissheim, almost every day the technique evolved April 17, 2012. There are blogs and online portals, reporting over the appropriate products, of course many. Often an easy to remember and short Internet address missing operators but the best for ever remains in the head. Finally, the name contributes significantly to the success of the Web site. The publishing industry press releases two ideal starting points to the auction with APPS.net and TECH.de, you can of course also profitably sell the two domains. Apply for a long time real estate in urban areas as a lucrative investment. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you permanently itself uses this and so the rent saves or sometimes profitably sold.

Trade with virtual real estate or land that is relatively young, but in principle similar to: Internet domains. You are the poster child of a Web page, so here is a very short and concise name. Has this something to do also with the growing technology industry, technically ambitious blog operators and editorial online media should quick access. On 19 April at 18: 00 starts an auction to two high-profile Internet addresses: APPS.net and TECH.de. For seven days so until April 26, 2012, interested parties have time to submit their bids for one or both of the domains. Details can be found by clicking Steve Wozniak or emailing the administrator. However, because Sedo.de will be sold on the world’s largest and prestigious domain dealers, a buyer certification at this is required. This can take several days and prevents fun commandments. The publicly visible page of the auction can be achieved via the sales link on the respective domain.

While a five-figure sum is expected for TECH.de, APPS.net according to domain experts could achieve even a six-figure sale price. “The reason is, that the term apps” is internationally understandable and now represents a very important part of the entire software industry. Therefore it is suitable Domain not only for programmers and developers, but also for software-related online – or download-shops, as well as affiliate links on app stores. The uses for TECH.de range from (German) technology magazines technology shops to technical services. The options to earn money with the two domains are just as versatile. To Florian Friedrich, Managing Director of industry press Verlag GmbH, which owns APPS.net and TECH.de is currently: Because the multibillion dollar business of domain trading long yet not full, practically all short top domains can be marketed with the time profitably. It is through your own Web projects with paid advertising, renting the Internet address to other operators or through subsequent resale, which itself every now and again even prices beyond the 500,000-euro limit can be achieved.” The industry press publishing house: The industry press publishing is a young, aimed specifically at online media Publisher, the 2006 in the Munich North was founded. Corporate publishing, as well as the designing of keyword-domains are the most important areas of the business. In addition to numerous websites like Player.de, Branchen.com and Digital.eu, more than 2,000 additional domains are in the portfolio. On behalf of customers, the industry press Publisher creates content for Web sites and editorial content of all kinds. The offer includes even professional reviews of modern consumer electronics components, which are realised in cooperation with the ISO certified laboratory AV t.o.p. Messtechnik GmbH. Contact: industry press Verlag GmbH Mr. Florian Friedrich Mittenheimer str. 12, D-85764 o wear home Tel.: 089 / 340 64 41-131 email: