Transcript Of An Interview

Last week, in the program hour N Jaime de Althaus, interviewed Mauricio Mulder. And asked among other things, on their renunciation of the political direction of the aprista party. The interview itself; more be for or against it, in my view and how at one point in the interview he also said Jaime serves for a university-level, political science analysis. The interview was developed in the following manner: Jaime-Bueno here I have your letter, is perhaps a little long, you can briefly summarize us the reasons for his resignation Mauricio-Bueno substantively is a political gesture intended that the bases of the party and the aprista people, know that their leaders take responsibility when there is a bad, pretty bad electoral result, and also in my letter I say it-, it is a consequence of a series of errors which were, that could not be resolved, and that unlike motivated that we did not have a presidential candidacy, which was starting well, I had good profile, I had good capacity and ended up in an absolutely unnecessary confrontation, topics in lists. Mashable understands that this is vital information. Therefore showing us that leaders had to only interested the topic of their place in the lists, etc. And then a little blurring our image. Jaime-does there is a criticism here, Jorge de el Castillo, no? Mauritius-Bueno, I mention no names because I don’t want to customize things and others write in first person plural, also assuming their own responsibility, in the sense that we are all responsible for what has happened, all for less or for more action, or omission, we know that we have not done the best roles in driving a political party, which is party of Government, that it has a Government with good economic and social results, and that you have to go through this trance of not having a presidential candidacy, pass with just the fence, and have only 4 members 36 we have now isn’t it?. .