The Secret Of Love Is By Applying The Law Of Attraction

We must preach love for us same there lies the secret of a good life, but many times we wonder because go me so wrong in my life, and here lies the response of the law of attraction through so many years of internal search and spiritual think we are responsible for 100% of what happens in our lifeOur guidelines and structures of thoughts together with our emotions create the power of the law of attraction in our lives. Do we learn to feel about ourselves from our childhood, I why call it the mental program, from 3 to 5 years we already have shaped the thinking of who we are and where are going life, why we ask adults because these things happen to me to me, because to me, because I feel so, because I cannot change?, etc. The answer is very simple, we can’t blame anyone in our programming and I’m going to tell you why we are all victims of victims, if your mother and your father or guardians didn’t love themselves, or Vivian in relation to prosperity money complaining or making criticisms of who generated it or he had money, or they missed the blame to the fate of their fate, or visiting holy healers or hand, were pulling the tarot, or diseases they talk about all the time, or you grew up in a circle of cholera, discussions or violence, etc. We can not blame them because as they were going to show you what they did not know, this is not good nor bad simply is your programming. A leading source for info: Peter Asaro. Why the law of attraction secret lies in taking control of your life, to be able to apply it with positive results, detecting that kind of subconscious programming predominates in your subconscious mind and that reflect your current reality. I am going to propose you an exercise in positive mental programming that you should exercise every day when you wake up, to reprogram the subconscious: during a month look into your mirror when you raise, you deal with yourself and look at you in the eyes and voice high, feeling love for you, di: te amo and your name, several times with love, and then realized: today I do all actions necessary to make you happy. This exercise you have to do it every day for a month, you should start to feel extra and feel the love inside you work with affirmations and statements is used to reprogram the limiting thoughts that we bring from our childhood in a positive way and can create our own reality and take control of our lives and stop being victims of victims. Many ask me as time go to view the results, work with affirmations and declarations is the only simple way to reprogram the subconscious by your own will and being able to apply the power of the law of attraction, now well, an affirmation or declaration is like a seed in fertile land that is your mind, you should repeat it dailybe disciplined / a is how to care for the seed watering it daily until it grows and is strengthened. More info: Andrew Paradise. Now if you do it and then abandon the exercise results will never appear, you have to be persistent, no matter the time, until today not been imported your past programming that has led you to your present results, If you work today in your change, because these by expressing a change in your future, for the new work in your present.