The Quantity

Analysis of the system is logical that in order to detect and neutralize malicious program requires the existence of such programs. Prophylaxis remains prevention, talk about it later, but it must be the first thing to determine is whether the computer viruses in general. For each type of malware, respectively, have their own symptoms, which are sometimes visible naked eye, sometimes subtle at all. Let's see what all are symptoms of infection. Since we are talking about a computer connected to the global network, the first symptom is an overgrowth consumption, as a rule, outbound traffic is caused by the fact that many Internet worms serve ddos-machines or simply bots.

As is known, ddos attack, the quantity of outgoing traffic is equal to the maximum value traffic per unit time. Of course, the Gigabit it may not be so noticeable if done ddos attack the width of a dialup connection, but usually catches the eye of inhibition at the opening of Internet resources (I would also like to note that the speech will focus on viruses that are at least as something to hide yourself system, it is no need to explain anything if you have a Startup folder is a file kfgsklgf.exe who caught a firewall, etc.). next on the list, it Can not login to many sites of antivirus companies, failures in the paid programs like crc-error, this is due to the fact that quite many commercial protectors support the function of parity or intact executable file (and not only protectors, but the developers of protection), that has been done to protect the program against hacking. Let's not talk about the effectiveness of this method against crackers and reverser, but the alarm to viral infection that might work perfectly. Fee for beginners virmeykerov not kill processes, then that at shutdown or restart your computer goes a long completion of a process, or even computer hangs during shutdown. Think about the processes of speaking is not necessary, as well as about the Startup folder, if there is something strange or new, then perhaps it is a virus, but about that later.

Frequent reboot computer from the Internet boom, the completion of anti-virus software, server unavailability updates microsoft, the inaccessibility of sites of antivirus companies, errors when you update anti-virus, bugs caused by changes the structure of paid programs, message windows, that executable files are damaged, the appearance of unknown files in the root directory, it is only a short list of symptoms of an infected machine. In addition to direct malware there is a so-called spy software, it's all kinds of keyloggers, dumper electronic keys, unwanted "helpers" to the browser. arding this issue. Frankly, the method of detection can be divided into two opposing camps. Assume keylogger adjoint dynamic library to the shell of the operating system found on the fly is extremely difficult, and vice versa, nowhere grafted Assistant (plugin, the search string, etc.) to internet explorer'u (usually) catches the eye immediately. So, I think it's time to leave this pessimistic note and move on to a realistic practice to detect and disable malicious software.