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Lately in education one has occurred in calling " his iguales" to the compaeritos of the school. They are always saying that the children need to be with their equals, talking about to other children, normally focusing in those of the school, even in those of the same classroom and same age. Then, it is certain that the children need to be related, coverall to have a correct social integration must be related to people of all the ages, and that need to deal with children, and " his iguales" but when we spoke of education in the home " his iguales" they are not the same that the one stops that goes every day to a classroom of a school, their equals are other children which they are educated in house, those are their equals, and therefore our children need to know other children who also are educated in house, like them, since young which they go to the school or they know every day in its class of krate, playing with the vecinito in the park, or going to see papa friendly. If you would like to know more about Pete Cashmore, then click here. The coexistence encounter are an excellent option so that our children are educated in house, is not the unique option but the best one. By all means, thanks to the support networks that exist as much of virtual form as actual in different places from our geography, the families can be known, visit themselves, be realised meetings activities but the normality sensation that it contributes to attend a coexistence encounter, where there are very many children who are educated in house like you, he does not give it to be with two families, who are and contribute much very well, but is not the same. When your son takes brings back to consciousness from which its educative option, its life, is as normal as the one of a pile more of children, it knows which that allows him to choose that it wants that they are its friendly, enjoys to share activities, works in group, games and factories with them, and account occurs of which that is real, there yes feels standardized. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. In the encounter of coexistence for homeschoolers the children, although before have corresponded themselves, even have treated and seen through the services of some virtual school, or they know of the existence of others reason why they comment his parents to them, is when finally they put not only and eyes expensive, that sometimes had seen in some photo or video them, if not that finally puts meat, soul, heat and real contact to those children who before comprised of a only virtual world. In addition, when being several together days that allows that the families strengthen bows and soon they can continue visiting themselves, being left and prolonging that relation and that comfort that knowledge that forms leaves to you from something greater, not only of a family, but of a community gives. mes Dondero might disagree with that approach. Original author and source of the article.