Tears Of Blood

Tears of blood The times start to cry from fear of the things. Rapes, homicides, violence. Everything corrodes me on the inside to this. The human being regrede each time more. As it is possible this animal behavior and irrational. They act as true Barbarians frightening the proper race. Instead of helping they desire the evil for its next one.

Envy, greed, ambition. They are new deuses of century XXI. Clearly, the money sega the people. But would be it main reason of all this violence? Not. Since the primrdios of the civilization the man does not obtain to coexist in peace without the presence of a threatening force as an army or a melcia. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions.

The situation runs away (it leaves) from the control when it has opinion discord and then, any reason is excuse for an armed conflict. More parents of family die. Widowers are made to mounts and orphans also. Children are traumatizadas the remaining portion of the life for the lack of a father. Wanting or not, the col of a father is irreplaceable. It is when the slaughter starts. Then I ask myself. Would have I courage to kill a fellow creature? I find that he would die in my first battle. He would not have forces to pull the trigger. Which same age the order? You love you ones to the others as you exactly. then a film would pass in my head. It would start to imagine as my enemy one was when child. Its fears, its culture, if it had children, if it had family, what it liked to make or for which teams it even twisted. He would not have as. It is so sad to know that he has people that they do not import themselves with the life. as much waste this only chance to leave its mark in the world. Thanks to God we have chance and condition to help needed and aflitas people, victims of the same social crisis where we live. Then why not to help? It is so easy to close the eyes and to beat the door to that they are needing? The sad reality is that we prefer to blind our eyes to help who needs. He would be so beautiful if we conseguissemos to live in harmony, without differences or inaqualities. We cannot dissimulate not to enxergar the fatal route where the humanity is walking. If it will not be for the wars, our proper house in them will banish from the life therefore nowadays palvara consincia does not exist more in the dictionary and the Land is each sick time. But it will be possible to open the eyes of all in time to wake up for the reality and they perceive that the world is in leaving? Abandoning for the world. Rejected for the proper race. all this disaster is supported by a fuel of pain, luxuries, preconception, violence and avarice. I have shame. It has times we are known as engineer, doctors, architects. But to each moment what we construimos and we arquitetamos it is only our proper extinguishing.Plus a history that with the time will become dust in the universe. All our mritos and conquests will be only supreme of sand pairando in the sky and all the lines of the book of the humanity will be extinguished as if it erases words in a notebook. Word for word, letter for letter.