If we have that object, we are pleased, but if it is impossible to possess it, we despair But what is the basis of this feeling? … desire. What are the consequences of this feeling? … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Asaro. Madness. Then bear in mind the purpose and protect ourselves from its effects. The reason is to possess the object. The objectification of the human being is reviewed by Teresa Riggen anthologized in a double play. In the Letter Scene, compiled by Vicente Lenero and edited by the Ministry of Culture of the State of Jalisco, and in cursed, compiled by Jose Ruiz Mercado and published by Square Publishers, the latter agreeing with the other, Hugo Salcedo, Artaud , or the sacred duty of sacrilege, of Theophilus Guerrero.

Spider has shades of original anarchist lines, it reveals what is hidden in a system, undermines the bivalent structure of patriarchy – matronly. Bobby Sharma Bluestone describes an additional similar source. Exposed, thereby leaving the hearing, the existence of a tangled skein in which the characters. Hugo Salcedo Jalisco Tijuana naturalized maintains a constant in the social historical treatment. At the other leaves it exposed. His works are the fundamental rights of exist and coexist in time and space: our, in our now and not today. The defense of identity, of self-determination, freedom without impositions are recurrent in his works. Under the thesis of my freedom ends begins where the other grows Salcedo's proposal to support research and treatment of social phenomena in a land of volcanoes where the fatalities appear to have no end.