Real Estate Services

Good day! Today we will talk about how to rent an apartment Moscow and not to run into lzherieltorov. In our city there are many large companies, private brokerage, and news agencies, which provide services for hire housing. If you're in town for the first time, I want to warn that an apartment in the heart of the city will never be cheap, if you were offered a one-room apartment at 12-15 000 rubles per month, recommend refuse. Remember: Free cheese is only in a mousetrap! In this case, you may miss out on an apartment and money. In Moscow, for the same amount, can only rent the room, but as an option you consider renting an apartment in near Moscow, where the value handed over apartments range from 15,000 rubles and higher. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dermot McCormack.

Usually, this is ideal. In Moscow, there are agencies (private brokers) who are working on a standard scheme, ie: on the phone to you several options of apartments (according to your wishes and financial possibilities), appoint views on convenient for you and the owner of the apartment, and time. Assume that you are staying at a certain version? That Next? For example, the apartment you have chosen is 20 000 rubles, at the time of the contract, you should have three amounts, in our case is 60 000: 1-sum payment is one month in advance, the 2nd is mortgaging amount sum (the sum of return, at the end of their stay, you are refunded, unless the period of employment, you can not bear to harm); third-sum payment for real estate services, the service and pay a one-time real estate agent in the actual occupancy, in our If it is equal to the monthly cost of a rented apartment; Yes, most agencies charge 100% for their services. If for you it's expensive, you can use the services of news agencies, it is certainly cheaper, but risky. Once upon a time, I myself rented an apartment to rent, through an information agency, I have provided for a small amount several addresses handed over apartments, plus a package of documents for the contract. EO of CoStar Group.

I independently, without the personal estate, went to see the options provided. In the first apartment I did not hit, owner of the apartment did not come to the show. From the second I got much more successful, review place, but the apartment owner (as he called himself), was unable to show me the documents establishing that he is the owner of the apartment. In the fifth embodiment of everything I got, I signed a contract and in On the same day were settled in an apartment. Plus there was only one that services the information agency, are inexpensive. My friend (on my advice), also decided to use the services of this agency, but she was not lucky, after several days of ordeal, she turned to the usual agency paid for the service and found a decent apartment. It does not matter whether you're shooting an apartment through an agency or yourself, you must: 1. Verify documents of title, whether or not this person is the owner of this apartment, if he is a member, you must provide authorization from the owner, notarized 2. Enter into a contract of employment, it will protect you from all sorts of "surprises" from the owner 3. Create an inventory of the property and check for proper operation; 4. Payment for Real Estate Services, occurs only when actual occupancy (except for news agencies), I wish you good luck!