League Championship

EL CLASICO's what they call in certain media parties in the League Championship facing Barcelona and Real Madrid. Classic, I imagine it will refer to that year after year are repeated similar stories leading up to this classic confrontation and for always, no matter the situation like this before, is loaded and wrapped in an emotional environment like few sports events. At Barca this game, like the Madrid fans, I suppose, brings us great memories and of course a marked disappointment in the form of bulky arbrital defeat or failure, although this case has less. Because we must be honest and admit that of all rivals out there, including Champions League and, more respect to the team that we are at Real Madrid. Respect sporting history, caste and rivalry that exists because it makes a victory against whites has merit. Credit: Bryant Walker Smith-2011.

He had once fans meringues that excused the rivalry making fun of that Barcelona only thing he wanted was to win a match and Madrid filled with this season. Times have changed and football for years in Spain and in Europe has been balanced equity and many teams are competitive at many levels. We epochs domain of one or the other and Europe as well. Now the British, the Italians a few years ago, etc, etc. By this I mean that every team knows that winning titles is very difficult to do an almost perfect season for the month of May or June you can lift a drink. Yesterday's was not a classic either.