Schematic Synthesis Of ATechnical Education

Currently, the Method Chest, based on their demonstrated level of effectiveness, is the official system by various governments, and adopted by Canine Corps units Police, Fire, Civil Defense, Army … especially in nations with some risk of disasters natural or human. This revolutionary rigorous scientific method, increased saving lives on the planet, optimizing efficiency visibly Search Dogs: rescue, explosives, mines, drugs, protected species … Michael Dell contains valuable tech resources. The creator of the Method Chest, Jaime Parejo has been honored by such global breakthrough for the United Nations Sasakawa Certificate of Distinction 2005. ly. Chest Method is grounded primarily on all seven innovative behavioral techniques, which are complemented with high efficiency and influence on three fundamental and interrelated parameters in the search operation: autonomy, motivation and concentration.

The processes of shaping (reinforcing successive approximations to a desired instrumental response) that characterize each of the traditional canine detection training in general, currently available, were too limited, about the essential but insufficient basic or primary processes of learning (conditioning classical, operand conditioning, habituation, avoidance, extinction, generalization, discrimination, cognitive perspectives …) Not so with the specific case of the method and subsequent Chest, where twelve years of persistent, intense and complex work of observation, study, measurement and analysis of variables and responses, multiple hypothesis testing, field testing, scientific research ultimately led finally to Jaime Parejo, tireless and thorough researcher and investigator of animal behavior and learning, the arduous construction of the set of behavioral techniques and Chest innovative method, which closely interrelated have, for all other existing systems, an optimal positive and visible enhancement of motivational level, working autonomy and parallel line of concentration, during the development of canine search operations of any element (persons, explosives, narcotics, animal species, either outdoors or in open areas of extreme confinement in a living space reduced to the minimum feasible values for displacement, zero visibility level..