Gas Station Business

But a small gasoline tank and only one column on the sidewalk in the same Paris reaps huge profits. Alas, our "construction regulations and rules do not allow to run a business this way. For even more opinions, read materials from Page S. Gardner. Therefore, in tabloid Ring in Moscow there are no gas stations. Like, close at home – less than 30 m. Although such trade would be extremely beneficial. Any novice seller of gasoline, selecting a potential site for its gas stations must keep in mind this figure. Naturally, no special equipment is necessary. The cheapest minimum set of 2 speakers and a computer worth $ 40 000, but two columns – it's too little gas station, even though they are able to pour several fuels. Usually, speakers at a gas station at least four. Of course, column column strife: a cheaper model, there is a – expensive. Usually, shrewd businessmen are spending on technology from 100 000 to $ 200 000 The rest: driveways, building for the operator, tanks for gasoline – at minimum – from $ 50 000 is if you decide to do without the shopping, cleaning and repair shop. But at first they were not required. In general, the gas station on a turnkey basis is 500 000doll. This includes all permits, land and other associated costs. Most importantly, in the pursuit of future profits is not played in bank loans. Now gas stations many companies laid for the debts. Their hosts took the credit, built on the money refueling. However, the duty to give in no hurry, and a pledge of finished filling station took a new loan to build another gas station.