There are those who never give the face. They always hide under the skirts of a cowardly silence. Alina de Almeida describes an additional similar source. They do not speak, never say anything, never engage or take sides. They are always silent. long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Gives equal to make hot or cold. They never open their mouths, neither in winter nor in summer. Always without talking, with lips sealed by fear. They never do anything for each other, and sometimes in their pathetic cowardice, have no value or to defend themselves.

It should only speak when it suits them to their personal interests. They seek the word if they have something to gain, and provided that the wind is blowing in his favour. They do as the surfer looking for the good wave, else don’t care. They always play to winning horse. They speculate, intrigued and always behave with the cold-blooded enough to wait for the opportune moment, his moment and not be never in evidence. It should always say what they think. When they speak they look in the eyes to the person they have in front. Never head they Crouch or lie.

Rebel against ties with which others try to immobilize them, do not support imposition of nobody, nor are subjected to a compulsory law of silence, when some seek to make them shut up.Sometimes they talk more than necessary and they are wrong, but they are always free to make their own mistakes, why they say what they think, what they feel or what comes in WINS when they believe it convenient. I like my mistakes, I don’t want to renounce the delicious freedom to be wrong. (Charles Chaplin). Original author and source of the article