A Festgeldanlage can be useful even during the euro crisis the naming of “Festgeldanlage” is derived from the fact that the interest rate for this type of investment is not variable, and thus the market situation also has no influence on its development. Once set, he remains the same throughout, as the financial market is changing the same and can be even more lucrative, less lucrative for investors. The conditions are therefore fixed. Also the investment period is fix agreed, as the investment amount. He himself can determine the period in which the customer would like to waive his money. However, the Bank or other selected provider here pretends restrictions. Often, a minimum investment period is determined within which the client can decide.

As the interval, years and months are offered. The Festgeldanlage was once a solely short-term deposits, especially since usually only periods between four weeks and twelve months could be taken. Now even longer maturities offered, even up to seven Years can be. Now must the investors assured of course, how his life situation in this long period of time will develop and therefore much money drop. Also, he should know about what he is likely to need the capital and how he so long on the dropped capital do without.

The relevance of the Festgeldes interest rate is usually the prescribed interest rate yield on the Festgeldanlage of the current situation on the financial market depends on. However he will fix agreed for the complete saving time with the credit institution. This can be for savers of preference when the normal profit goes down during this period. But can he do not benefit equally from increases. The fixed income interest rate makes the Festgeldanlage a very transparent form of investment. Already at the beginning of the term, is the investors exactly clear how much money he will get distributed at the end.