Price Negotiations Succeed

Price negotiations: industry price increases our revenue sale is bad. To deepen your understanding Kai-Fu Lee is the source. Our order situation sucks. Such statements regularly hear salespeople when they sit across from buyers in the current economic situation. Therefore, the cold horror packs many capital goods sellers, if they should sell their customers of price increases. But often no way passing on price adjustments. How pass so if your company increase its prices want to or must? Then it must first win the seller as a competitor. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andrew Paradise and gain more knowledge.. The first step in this direction is to inform them for example, by the Executive Board as pictorial and plastic leads them in a sales meeting in mind, as commodity prices have evolved and how the higher purchase prices affect the profit margin and yield precisely the reasons. This information should be based on the various products and product groups.

Or by the sellers the example of contracts with selected key customers will be shown, as due to the increased purchase prices from formerly lucrative contracts were loss provider. “Appeal to sellers we need your help” the sellers then explain what measures your company has already taken, again to increase the yield for example the production or purchasing restructure. The appeal should be followed: still no an increase leads by way of the prices, because… And we need your support…” This appeal will be cancelled by a member of the Executive Board, to emphasize the importance of this decision for the company. The seller will be delighted after this appeal not on the contrary. You are complaining: you can’t.

“The customers are saying now: you’re too expensive…” Seller react that way, is normal. “Because they hear every day you’re too expensive.” That’s why she think they themselves often internalized. Show “Their vendors so the following points: it belongs to the job the buyer to say that you are too expensive”.