Multilingual Product Communication

Joint Roundtable on the topic of product information and translation management Waiblingen. ASIM, a division of Druckhaus Waiblingen, and the TransLine Germany GmbH invite you to a roundtable around the topic of multilingual product and enterprise communication. This takes place on October 19, 2010, in the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Ruschlikon (Switzerland). In the heart of the event is the question of how to efficiently match the areas of product data, publishing and translation. Paths appear in the form of impulse lectures and experience reports, to optimise processes and to achieve maximum quality of multilingual marketing materials and documentation. In addition, participants have many opportunities to discuss their questions and experiences with the speakers. Participation in the event is after prior registration under. Accompanied and prepared is the Roundtable on a blog ().

Interested parties can register here to the topics on the agenda inform and interact with the speakers in contact and place first issues. The lecture contents of the roundtables covering the entire spectrum of efficient management of product information. Markus Rabsch, head of Division ASIM, prepared the thematic entry. He explains, such as product data, publishing and translation merged and the existing related processes run efficiently. Then Sukumar MUNSHI, head enters of key account management of across systems GmbH, specifically on it, what options are available to minimize translation costs through an optimised source text creation. Report from users practice Franklin Peter and Hainz Faustino, responsible of the maintenance documentation at the Stadler Bussnang AG. They explain how they have restructured their maintenance documentation with the usage of the database-based information management solution from ASIM. The two speakers give detailed insights into the project in her presentation and show how they the ASIM solution into their Have embedded IT infrastructure. In the afternoon, another issues focus is the lecture by Dr.-ing. Wolfgang fall, Board of the TransLine Germany GmbH.