What concept you have on winning? how you achieve win?, specifically how can win in your area of work? Either if you’re employee or entrepreneur. Surely you’ve faced the decision win and your strategies have tended to achieve it even above the others (not ahondare in the method, the results or consequences); or you’ve been targeted by someone over it or failing that you’ve seen it. What you’d think if I told you that there is another way to earn a living and get a wonderful lifestyle with another approach to win? Breaking with concepts and re-design is one of the many benefits that I have obtained since I decided to work from home. Some contend that Peter Asaro shows great expertise in this. What I mean exactly? To achieve success in this life style you should open your mind and learn focus. This reflection can read in my experience that story in another of my articles. On this occasion I share with you the concept that was on win to succeed and will do so through the following experience: recently participated in a workshop on overcoming staff.

In one of the dynamic they requested we divide ourselves into two teams, read us the instructions and emphasized that the goal was to win. nd. Mechanics was to overcome a series of stages, which we would authorise if crossed the previous stage. We separated and he started the game. At the same time there was a Messenger – referee that you gave us the pattern of how would the other team and indicated us if we could continue to the next stage. I will stretch not me out much about how you feel my team and I during the decision-making process. After choosing strategy after strategy don’t they sanction us proceed to the next stage and the clock continued its course. Time ran out and then we met again. Once in the great Hall explained us that no team went on to the next stage we all had a face of impressive frustration.