To its practitioners the culture is a lifestyle that Mr. analyzed from the aspect of maintaining a habit of life based on physical exercise and healthy eating can be very healthy.
During the years in which cultures are spread through Europe and the United States in the forties and fifties, there were a lot of anonymous practitioners, for which the health and welfare were primary objectives. exercise Then, with little knowledge of diets or early training, purchasing large muscle mass was complicated. Without embago on-building led to the extreme can lead to mental diseases, important though rare, as can be and vigorexia the musculodismorfia.
The cultures is the process of developing muscle fibers through the combination of weight lifting, increased calorie intake and rest.
To achieve an extraordinary muscle development, the culture should focus on three basic lines of action:
Weight-lifting resistance against: Weight Training causing damage to the muscles. This is known as microtrauma. These small lesions Method in the muscle contribute to fatigue experienced after exercise. The repair of microtrauma is part of muscle growth (hypertrophy). For the training culture is typically used for training routines based on sets and repetitions.
A diet of high quality by incorporating additional proteins: The growth and repair, however, can not happen without adequate nutrition. A body-protein requirement is higher than those of a sedentary person to repair the damage caused by weight training. the extreme and effective that has something to do with abs and crunches In addition to the proteins, carbohydrates are very important for the provision of energy during training. The proportions that tend to be recommended nutritional level are:
60% carbohydrate
30% protein
10% fat
A break for facilitating growth. there is so much to talk about balls and has a great blog with lots of content Without adequate rest and sleep the body can not find opportunity to rebuild and repair damaged fibers. They are needed approximately eight hours of rest workout for at least a body-to be in good condition at the next training session.

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