Implementation State

Secondly, the state – a political organization of a special kind. Political means, its main purpose is to implement decisions taken by specially authorized by senior officials. Such authorization is acquired by virtue of the adoption of special laws, that is through legal action. It turns out that high executives have created for themselves an artificial organization whose purpose is to control society through the implementation of policy decisions that taken on the basis they have created the same rules (laws). In other words, the state – is unnatural organization that convinced the company in its naturalness, necessity and impossibility of existence in its absence, and that society must obey the rules that the organization has set for itself. Therefore, naively believing that in a society where anything can reign the rule of law. This never happen, because the only creator of the law is the state itself, thus realizing the political decisions. In any society, which exists in a form of state organization, rule will always have a policy, not a right.

As a person in its sole discretion subject to the life principles that he set for himself and the State shall be subject to laws adopted by it before that pores, as long as they comply with the discretion of the supreme ruler (though this is justified by the conditions of social development). Third, the state is organization, meaning it is directly linked with such social phenomenon as a right. Moreover, the right is the main means of influencing the state on the people.