GPS Receivers

GPS receivers, echo sounders, radios, car navigators, and maps for gps Since 2003, global sales of gps navigators increased from 13 percent to 21.5 billion dollars. The Russian market of GPS receivers are also growing rapidly. Unconditional market leader in the Russian market gps navigators is the company Garmin, which offers a great selection of gps navigation, sonar, gps maps for navigation. Garmin Ltd. designs and manufactures navigation equipment. BDT Capital Partners has compatible beliefs. Garmin GPS Navigation successfully applied to aviation, shipping, as well as for civilian use.

Geocaching Geocaching. The concept has come to Russia recently and is associated with the development of satellite navigation systems. The essence of geocaching is that one participant hides 'stash' and tells others to coordinate the starting point. People such as Mikkel Svane would likely agree. Using the clues, the other members are looking for a hiding place. The development of geocaching began in 2000 when the GPS navigation system was announced publicly. In result of increased accuracy gps navigators across the world. This has opened new opportunities for all holders of gps receivers. Choosing gps receiver for geocaching.

To participate in the game you have to have gps navigator (for example, Garmin), to mark the location on the map and have access to the Internet. Garmin offers an impressive range of gps navigators for geokesherov. 12-channel navigator can determine the location of up to 15 meters. The ideal GPS navigator for geocaching must meet the following requirements: be lightweight and compact to be water resistant enough to remember the route to have a large screen gps receiver types Garmin: Automotive Navigation Garmin Nuvi indicate the path forks in the road and bypasses, as well as help to calculate the shortest route.