Gastric Bypass Surgery

The gastric bypass procedure, is the oldest procedure of its type. It carried out since 1966 and is the only operation that has been doing more than 40 years due to its effective results. On the basis of the gastric bypass, is compared to the rest, and you should know that during the last decade, has been reset certain details that have become the favorite operation by millions of people. Gastric bypass is achieved by restricting the amount of food that the patient tends to consume, and that adds a component of bad-absorption, that manages the patient to achieve results in a much faster way of the imagined. You must know that this operation shows very low rates of reoperations for failures or long-term, in addition to very rarely it gives rise to unwanted side effects. With the gastric bypass patient manages to lose 65 to 75% of overweight and is scientifically proven that this operation is virtually impossible to sabotage. With gastric bypass you will be able only eat any type of food that will automatically do it in smaller portions. You decide to improve your health and your appearance with the gastric bypass!.