Freedom: It Searchs Or Reality?

FREEDOM: personal or collective concept? Summary from the article homonym of Fernanda Carolina Vaz Can the man be free? But where it consists such freedom? Some would say that freedom is submission absence, others will say that it is autonomy of the rational citizen. Of any form, the rationality serves of subsidy so that the Freedom is, seno a reality, but a search. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. In accordance with the article, we have that the Freedom is defended as one to act the laws in accordance with, with an exception, the personal Freedom exceeds the pressures of the community, giving itself thus the autonomy of ' ' each one ' '. Add to your understanding with Matt Swain. Adentrando this abyss of the individual Freedom, with Sartre we have the free and condemned man to this, already with Stuart Mill we find the Freedom in the individuality of the citizen and, only thus, this strap the search of the proper one well to its proper way. However, we have a question, if the Freedom is only given of individual form and each one knows of its well, will be that the civility would not make with that free men are an utopia? Safranski, in accordance with such subject, in it introduces the idea of that the true Freedom is not lived, and yes desired.

Therefore the Freedom is submitted to a civility imposed for a collective order. Being thus, the Freedom only of – in thought and never in practical. It would be, then, the Freedom something that the human dream feeds, therefore in accordance with other philosophers, as Kant, for example, to be free is to be independent, that is, to give exactly the rules to itself to be followed rationally; already in Spinoza we have that to be free he is to perhaps make what follows necessarily of the nature of the agent and again in Sartre, one of the biggest philosophers of the conviction to the Freedom, the freedom is the ontolgica condition of the human being, the man is nothing before defining itself as something, and is absolutely free to define itself, to engage itself, to lock in itself, to deplete itself exactly. With all these thoughts and questionings we find a hanger where everything can be hung well, the hanger of the indizvel, the Freedom that all we understand, but that nobody obtains to explain. E, finally, in them remains a last one question: will be good the conviction to the Freedom? Therefore as well Island of the Flowers is said in the film, the man if differs from the other animals for being free.