Para que nature put them there? They protect the aromatic plants from diseases and pests. The aromatic solitas heal and help other plants to defend themselves. Inside the plant, it is a very important liquid in nature and plays a role in the ecological balance when we get inside the plant does similar things in our body, us defends diseases, they kill microbes very easy and they do not generate resistance or cannot be strong to beat the oil. They act in a memory cells have, which is called, cellular memory, in the DNA, that diseases can be cured. You can ask your child’s teacher or find online information about DNA.

It’s like they can delete files that make evil person. Essential oil causes cell changes the file wrong by the good and forget about the disease. But you have to use it consistently, or rather continued to see the results even though they are sometimes the first time you use them. They soothe pain, inflammation, and if they were distilled, or removed from the inside of the plant without toxic chemicals and no traps and is not added or removed him nothing, they can drink, use cooking, children can use them without danger and up in some countries, doctors are prescribing them and delivered them to a pharmacy, as in Francefor example. Think, if you can suck Many shells of lemon, or use lemon scratch for a cake, which has essential oil, inside because reason forbid you take one drop of the oil from the jar? Sera that mixed it with toxic to make it cheaper? Another reason is that almost all oils are removed from the plants to put them into gum, pills, candies, soaps, creams and pain medications or colds and take an important part of oil like menthol, Eucalyptol, eugenol (what names rare, really?) and what leftover sold it for aromatherapy, but are no longer complete and can chop in the skin or give you pain in stomach if you take them.