Enveloping Futureoriented Environmentally

Modern wood construction is in vogue. For good reason, because the natural building material itself makes for a particularly cosy atmosphere. Frankenberg. The construction of a home is the costliest and longest-term investment of their life for most people. It is all the more crucial to set the right course here from the outset. It all starts with the material and construction, for which one chooses. In addition to their own demands on individuality, comfort and health of living a House are especially its ecological balance”, so its optimal energetic properties as well as a possible sustainable use of materials the most important factors which characterized the future ability of a House.

And there you arrive almost inevitably the construction of wood and the modern prefabricated. A key reason to choose a new tailored is the possibility of the House”to suit your own needs (and not vice versa, as in a second-hand property). There is a modern Wooden prefabricated construction ideal conditions with. From renowned providers like the Frankenberg-based company FingerHaus, any real estate is planned according to customer requirements together with the in-house architects. The wood construction allows for almost unlimited flexibility in the design and layout by the way also for subsequent rebuilds.

As natural materials, which inherently warm to the touch ‘, wood is also a superior material when it comes to maximum comfort and a healthy room climate. Modern prefabricated homes such as those of FingerHaus are built from untreated wood. FingerHaus works with Chamber-dried solid construction timber (drying level 85%) and can guarantee this highest dimensional stability, dimensional stability, and wood preservation. Also the purlins are made of laminated wood, what causes a high load capacity and dimensional stability. The interior walls are planked with construction biologically safe wood or gypsum plasterboard. The dry construction, as well as a permeable vapor retarder building biology and space-climate favourable, and the renunciation of any chemical wood protection makes living healthy life in a FingerHaus. In the modern timber stand the Dammebene is already integrated in the construction level, the statutory today demanding insulation values without ludicrous wall thicknesses can easily comply, even beat. From the KfW-funded low energy of the DENA certified Energieeinsparverordnung to the plus energy House, FingerHaus covers the entire spectrum consumption-poor living in timber construction. The raw material”wood refers to the company directly from the sustainably managed forests in the immediate vicinity. And because in the wood lots of carbon dioxide is bound, that the trees have saved during their growth, the construction material already making itself an active contribution to climate protection. Building families can put on the ecological icing her wooden house, using renewable energy in heat supplying. FingerHaus was already years ago the first Prefabricated house party in Germany that offered their customers complete promotional packages to renewable heating energy solutions, from the Earth or air heat through solar thermal energy up to the pellet heating system. From the outset the critical choices in the future to help the construction families. Contact: FingerHaus GmbH – Aue-Strasse 45-35066 Frankenberg contact person for communications: Kerstin Lidgett Tel.