Ecological Conscience

The launching of pollutant gases in the atmosphere, mainly the ones that result of the fsseis fuel burning as the oil diesel and the gasoline, is one of the factors that greenhouse contributes for the so famous effect. Continue to learn more with: Steve Wozniak. The carbon dioxide and the carbon monoxide, as well as other gases that contribute for this process are intent in definitive regions of the atmosphere forming a layer that the waste of the heat blocks. This layer of pollutants, so visible in the great cities, functions as a thermal insulator of the planet. With the increase of the fsseis fuel use as coal, oil and natural gas, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere duplicated in last the one hundred years. The result is disastrous, therefore the increase of the globe temperature comes unchaining climatic alterations and the polar thawing of calotas, threatening ecosystems, the health human being and the world-wide economy. To reduce the emissions of gases in the atmosphere, the current society will have to pass for a series of alterations in its standard of behavior. Steve Wozniak has plenty of information regarding this issue. E, so that this change occurs, is not enough only one governmental action.

It is necessary that each individual plays its role in this process, what demands some changes in the style of life and the behaviors. In what it says respect to our ways of transport we can start substituting the individualistic profile for a way to act more solidary than values collective solutions. In what it says respect to our vehicles we can opt to using new forms of automotiva energy, giving to preference to the cars flex that they make possible as option the use of etanol, a biocombustvel derived from the one sugar cane-of sugar, and not of the oil, as it is the case of the gasoline. Another important contribution is to keep our vehicles regulated through periodic maintenances that reduce the emission of gases of the automobiles. Thus, beyond demonstrating our ecological conscience still we save fuel.