We give them the list again: 4-thread obmetochny 3-thread narrow seam obmetochny 3-thread wide stitch obmetochny 3-thread Flatlock seam is a narrow 3-thread Flatlock stitch 3-thread wide role hem 3-thread seams produced with fringe the converter with a special converter is able to perform overlock seams dvuhnitochnogo weave. Converter is usually a small metal bracket that is installed on the upper looper. In some models of converter attached to the upper looper and connected if necessary. Thread refuel only in the lower looper and the needle, and converter helps bring the bobbin thread to the needle on top for weave. By analogy with trehnitochnym, dvuhnitochnoe weave gives the following joints: Dvuhnitochny obmetochny narrow seam.

To process the edges are very light materials. In its broadest form is not used. Dvuhnitochny flat seam Flatlock (narrow and wide). Used as a flat seam for decorative stitching or elastic materials. Usually looks neater than trehnitochny Flatlock. Dvuhnitochny role hem.

Formed at ubranom tongue and normal needle thread tension. At the other adjusters get seam-called ' fringe'. For decorative thin fabrics. Usually looks neater than trehnitochny role seam. Double-needle trehnitochny obmetochny seam. For matching with simultaneous whip thin elastic materials. Thus, in addition to the 7 standard seams, overlock equipped converter can perform six stitches dvuhnitochnogo weave. On inexpensive overlock provides attachment for the converter, but most converters for sale, for whatever reason, does not happen. Chain stitch looper Adding another lower looper – chain stitch looper (pictured dressed blue thread) – greatly increases the cost of overlock.