Driving In Winter

The onset of winter brings cold, chilly rain and snowfall. And for the driver to go to the winter line, the primary task is to determine the quality of road surface. In the autumn-winter period unsatisfactory state of the roadway causes us to exercise skill of driving. Temperature jumps in the winter lead to the formation of ice on the road. If the precipitation in the form of snow, the sleet on the road becomes visible under a blanket of snow, mixed with reagents. The most dangerous are the morning hours when motorists in a hurry to get to work, without having at the same time to analyze the existing conditions. Even driver with great experience it is difficult to assess the situation and adjust to the changes that occurred on the road. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. In such weather deteriorates adhesion of tires to the road surface and vehicle stopping distance increases.

This adds tension to difficult road conditions. By the same author: Kai-Fu Lee. Even a slight excess of speed can lead to serious accidents. This is not about speeding, set in the rules of the road, but the speed mode, suitable for harsh weather usloviy.A all due to the fact that in addition to dirt on the roadway coached the ground. This is just a sticky mess and the brake on such a road is dangerous. If, however, the car skidded, it is necessary to take the following measures: no turning off the clutch, turn the wheel in the direction of the skid, and gradually slowing down, we see a car out of the situation.