DHA Eggs

On the basis of amino acids contained in an egg and its ability to stimulate growth, egg protein is only second, after breast milk for human nutrition. On a scale, with 100 representing the maximum efficiency, these are the biological values of proteins in various foods: egg entero94Leche85Pescado76Carne of vacuno74Soja73Frijoles and seco58 biological value of foods based on protein nutrition strut in the second place, the eggs are nerve centres of nutrition for fat burning: eggs are among the few natural sources of vitamin D and Kthat they are known for protection against cancer and longevity. Eggs contain the greatest dietary source of choline (125 mg/egg), which is a necessary nutrient for the proper development of the nervous system and the structural integrity of cellular membranes, in particular, the Hill is necessary for the development of the brain in babies to impart the permanent improvement of memory and attention. They provide 6.3 grams of high quality protein, 5 grams of fat that mainly consist of a balanced balance of saturated and monounsaturated, less polyunsaturated fatty acids, and just carbohydrates, but are a perfect food low in carbohydrates. Some eggs contain up to 200 mg of DHA, the Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for all human beings to the normal development and operation, and the prevention of depression and memory loss. The egg contains 166 mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin, two super antioxidants that contribute to eye health and prevent the most common causes of blindness, age-related investigations show that the bioavailability of these nutrients from eggs is higher than other foods with the highest content. Eggs do not cause heart disease and if they help to burn fat in November 2010 this year, a document was published by Canadian researchers titled, dietary cholesterol and egg yolks: not for patients with vascular disease risk. The authors indicate that: patients at risk of cardiovascular disease should limit their consumption of cholesterol.Stop the consumption of egg yolks after a myocardial infarction or stroke would be like quitting after a diagnosis of lung cancer: a necessary action, but late.