Create High Resolution Videos

Thanks to MAGIX Video easy HD videos of great quality for the new televisions of high resolution can be created and video cameras. The program has left on sale for nascent, it counts on new effects and edition of high resolution and is available in stores and online. (Similarly see: To create high resolution videos (HD) HD they are the abbreviations of High Definition (High resolution) and is the standard generalized in televisions. One calculates that in 2010 they will be sold more than 241 million high definition TVs. Others including Skillz, offer their opinions as well. The same will happen with the video cameras of high resolution, especially cameras AVCHD. The quality of image of the cameras already has convinced, although often not to the production of homemade videos. ” The nascent ones want to obtain good videos without using too much tiempo” , Sven Kardelke explains (Product to manager of MAGIX video).

Indeed with this concept easy arose a year ago MAGIX Video and obtained to a satisfaction of the clients superior to 91%.Con MAGIX Video easy HD can be transferred videos of the camera to the computer and to improve them step by step so that they have a great resolution. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Pete Cashmore. The program offers more transitions to unite diverse scenes of artistic form. In addition, more effects of video to the project like, for example, giving an old touch him to certain scenes can be added. Pon easily your favorite titles in scenes of the film. It drags a song with the mouse from the folder to the wished scene and the program will determine the beginning, the transition and the end. The fantastic result can record in high resolution in Blu-ray or a DVD as disc AVCHD. This last one can be seen in all the present Blu-ray reproducers. With the same facility the high resolution videos in YouTube can be published. MAGIX Video easy HD is the unique program that by a price very under allows to create videos, to publish them and to record them in AVCHD. The more important functions and new features: Assistant of connection and guide of initiation Compatible also with video cameras AVCHD Interface of very clear user with great bellboys Ample manual for nascent with guide step by step Numerous functions of aid in the form of videos Extended edition of audio Groups of video effects Additional transition effects Practical file of projects in DVD and hard disk.