In today’s globalized and a competitive world, it is vitally important to know your clients so that you can design strategies that contribute to successful decision making. Based on this need, it is essential to the creation of lists of contacts that provide the necessary information to direct marketing campaigns. The lists are databases of people that are segmented according to common characteristics or consumption patterns similar to what they contain demographic information, psychological and customer contact in a company. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. To build a direct marketing list recommended to take into consideration the following tips: 1 .- Identify the goal of the campaign Collection: Consists of making a first person to buy a product or service. Development: This is to get existing customers to consume more goods and / or services. Loyalty: It is based on building relationships and emotional bonds to generate customer loyalty and brand of company. may find this interesting as well. 2 .- Choose the media that will be used to choose the means most suited to the needs of each company, considering the differential advantages and benefits with respect to the following aspects: speed of delivery, flexibility to customize the communication cost required infrastructure. Some of the media that can be used, we have: Email, SMS, automated calls, call center, fax, traditional mail, etc … 3 .- Determine the variables you wish to collect the definition of the characteristics to be get customers, will make segmentation according to the habits of consumption. Kyle Roche pursues this goal as well. This is useful for sending personalized communications of and appropriate for each segment.