Cheating Mobile

A student without a cheat sheet – not a student. Even the best students at least once "sinned", sdavayaekzameny. Refer to the crib in different ways. To read more click here: Mashable. Even the teachers sometimes greeted this case. "There will be the spur to write at least something to remember" , They argue. Everyone who wrote exams, test, essays known issue where the leaves with cribs can not pull out of his pocket or the information in them so much that the size of the spurs at once attract the attention of teacher.

In addition, the rustling, fidgeting on the spot during the search for cribs immediately will "dishonest student," and if the teacher will pretend not to notice you, be sure to follow you all the time for control. In our time, in the age of the mobile industry, more and more teachers, teachers are allowed to contribute with an exam on mobile phones, for example, a student watching the clock or use the phone as a replacement for the calculator (a calculator in your phone, it is common practice in colleges and universities, as students in the school did not carry a calculator, and often the need for complex mathematical calculations expressions, where conventional methods of manual addition, division, etc. can not do, and teachers understand this.) Now mobile phone is present in each student and the student, who in turn use it as a container cribs. Mobile crib gives its owner a lot of advantages over those of the ancient custom paper uses the crib. But as with all types of cribs, the cribs have their mobile Disadvantages: Where to get content for cribs? How to put it in my phone? An old phone model and does not support reading formats such as doc, txt, pdf. On the internet many websites offering free mobile crib, but most of them, or offer to pay for a resource or have very poor and often the same for all similar sites set cribs.