Britney Spears

It is very normal that when one just starts at a new social network, followers or friends takes to come, as it is the case with Twitter. Marc Mathieu recognizes the significance of this. This social network gives us the possibility of having followers, they can read the content (tweets) that we publish on Twitter. Today we will see some tips to get more followers on Twitter. The procezo should always be natural, then you will not manage to have 100 followers more than one day to the other, unless you’re a guru of Twitter. Tips to get more followers on Twitter: 1 complete your profile Twitter complete Twitter profile and fill the data always is a good option to get some more followers. You can find some friends by your blog, email, or other data.

2. Design your Twitter channel give a unique and outstanding design your Twitter is a vital step to make each user who visits your Twitter channel to follow you. You can call or no attention by the design of your Twitter, so try to find some background is not in use and which is good. Look at an example a good background in @arinee, do not have as many followers as Britney Spears, but has 800 and thats enough. 3 Publishes quality tweets tweets of quality are those who provide genuine information why you come according to your followers. You can give a theme to your Twitter and post many tweets about it.

The tweets of quality do not have much text, only the necessary and usually contain links to blogs where the information is. 4 Hold conversations with your followers in this way they publish in their channels of Twitter a link to your profile and you can get more followers according to the popularity of your current followers to have. 5 Responds to tweets from people you follow if we do this they will know that we like your information and maybe follow us.